About The Book

When Kate enters a Ms. Senior Pageant and hears the phrase, "The Age of Elegance," she speculates it is simply a nice way to say "old." In a way, she is correct. But during the weeks of preparation for the big event, Kate discovers it means much more than that. Women from a variety of backgrounds are all in pursuit of the Crown. They are all rich with philosophies, talent, and life experiences. These qualities, she concludes, are what comprise "The Age of Elegance," but which of the sixteen elegant women will be Queen?


Meet the Author

      Mary Jane Baetz

When Mary Jane Baetz participated in a Ms. Senior State Pageant, she was delighted to meet so many interesting and accomplished women who had also reached "The Age of Elegance." Singers, dancers, writers and even a sommelier were among the contestants. While her book is based on her experience in the pageant, it features a cast of new and different characters in a completely new and different setting. "It's not the pageant I was in," she says, "but it is certainly one which could have happened."

Her own background as a writer and marketing professional, plus a lifetime of experiences learning, traveling and participating in an array of what she calls "splendid" activities ranging from dancing to athletics, and public speaking to performance, have all contributed to her participation in the pageant.

She is a graduate of the University of Washington; a career professional in education, marketing and communication; and the mother of three fabulous sons and grandmother to two amazing grandchildren.